Wednesday, 21 October 2009

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Getting the cans in? Make it a scuba.

I recently moved up to London to go to university, It instantly became clear to me that everybody drinks a lot more here and they drink it hard and fast. Before living here I was based in Brighton, It’s a lot more relaxed there. If we where all going out I would get about 6 cans in and have around 2 hours to get them down and enjoy them. When this was the case I used to drink Kronenbourg, it was my favourite lager due a lot to the image I felt it gave of me to everyone else. For me Kronenbourg was a mans lager and I cant really tell the difference between most lagers.

So after moving up to London it became clear that to be socially accepted I was to be drinking more and drinking it faster. I picked up my normal amount of cans and had a session before going to a club with my housemates, I drunk my beers at the speed everyone else was and realised that I had finished everything early and that I felt like shit. Due to the immense amount of bubbles in a cheap lager I thought that I was going to have a baby.

This became my biggest problem with drinking beer fast, there where a few different options to solve the bubbles issue.

-Drink spirits with juice/soft drink

-Go for the keg you buy from supermarkets

-In can scuba

After a few nights on the spirits I realised that is hit my harder than when I was on the cans, I got far to drunk to quickly and peeked before I even got to the clubs so this wasn’t really an option for me.

The keg seemed a good idea as it is about the same price as getting the cans in. I had a couple of nights on the keg I felt like a massive plonker as all of my mates are hanging about with bottles and cans and fro away things while I am running back and forward to the fridge and hanging about with a big pint glass. This is all very well and good if you are hanging about in the pub in a gentler atmosphere but in my house when we are pre-drinking we seem to listen to a lot of Grime and R&B to get into the mood. Therefore wandering around with a glass isn’t a good move.

So my last resort was to go for the new thing of getting a can with an in-can scuba. This is an odd little ball sort of like a ping-pong ball with a hole in it that filters out the bubbled to make it taste like draught. I soon realise that on these cans I can neck a beer in one or two massive sips because there are no bubbles getting the way. So in an hour pre drinking session I can neck 8 or 9 cans which for me seems to be the perfect amount to have a good night.

So for all you ‘lads’ who are having the issue how to get the cans in and not feel bloated beyond belief I recommend to you the in-can scuba, It has changed my university life and made my world a much better place.

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